Drillmax® Drill Pipe Float Valve

Plunger Style

Model F Plunger Type ( Piston or Dart)

The Model F is a plunger type float valve that allows constant fluid flow while drilling, yet provides an instant shut-off if the flow is stopped or reversed. The piston seal stops back flow when breaking connections and keeps cuttings out of the drill string to help prevent clogged bits. In normal drilling operations the Model F offers economy and durability.

Model FA Ported Plunger Type

The Model FA offers all the standard features of the Model F with the added benefit of a ported plunger, a special port which allows fluid a path through the center of the valve. This feature allows for an automatic partial filling of the drill pipe during run in, and facilitates differential pressure reading at the surface.


Integral Baffle Plate
The Model FBP/FBPA float valve offers all the standard features of the Model F, with the added benefit of an integral baffle plate at the top of the float valve, which is both heavy duty and shatterproof. For operations where a baffle plate is needed, the integral baffle plate helps prevent damage to drilling motors and BHA tools, from recorders, other wireline tools, and debris that are dropped down the string.


Model F, FA, FBP, & FBPA sizes

1R 4R
1F2R 4F
2F3R 5R
3F 5F6R
3½ IF 6F

Drill Pipe Float Valve Plunger Style Repair Kits

Drillmax maintains both metal and rubber plunger style repair kits in stock and available to ship to your site.

Float Valve Installation

Drillmax Drill Pipe Float Valves are easy to install. Simply lubricate the side seal rubbers and slide the float valve into the float bore of any tool that’s been prepared for a float valve.

CAUTION: Unless you are using automatic fill Models GC and Model GCA, fill the drill pipe regularly when going in the hole. Failure to do so can cause damage to the drill pipe, well formation and/or the float valves. Double stacking is not recommended unless using a Model GS Float Valve.