About Drillmax

Performance. Reliability. Availability.

Drillmax® is a woman owned business and a premier manufacturer of the blue drill pipe float valves, mud gate valves, and shear relief valves. Since 1996 we have grown organically, through our commitment to produce quality products that deliver on performance and reliability, to customers in the oil and gas, water well, and air drilling industries.

Our new 10,000 PSI DrillmaxPro® line of float valves, in Model F and G are designed to meet the higher pressure requirements that come from drilling further and deeper. Our team has over 70 years of combined industry experience to help ensure, when technical support is needed, we’re just a phone call away.

  • Quality. At Drillmax, only the best will do. Our products are manufactured to provide the highest quality and performance, even under the most challenging conditions.
  • Dependability. Our products are renowned for their reliability and, often exceed expected lifespan.
  • Proven QC/QA methods. Quality Control and Quality Assurance are central to why we have achieved a reputation for consistent reliability over the years. Prior to shipment each valve is inspected for quality assurance to ensure they conform to Drillmax standards.
  • Experienced Team. At Drillmax we have well-seasoned energy specialists who understand drilling operations. We know what goes into achieving excellence for our customers.
  • Technical Support. As the industry becomes more complex, the need for knowledge and a deep understanding of how products work in practice becomes increasingly important. Our dedicated team is here to support your technical requests to help ensure you’re getting the right product.

Core Values

Our core values drive our company strategy and individual actions with our team members, vendors and most importantly our customers.



We are honest and respectful in all we do, both internally and externally.



We listen and put our customers’ needs at the center of all we do.



Our employees are committed to who we are as a company and the company is committed to them.



We are willing to sacrifice our own interests for the “greater good” of the team



We are dedicated to developing a positive and safe environment where people like to work.



A mindset that fosters innovation, teamwork and pride.