Drillmax® Drill Pipe Float Valves

Drillmax manufactures a full line of drill pipe float valves also known as “blue valves” are engineered for optimum performance and reliability. The blue float valve prevents drilling fluids, cuttings and metal debris from flowing back up the drill string. When correctly installed on the drill string these blue valves provide added blowout prevention.

Drillmax Drill Pipe (DP) Float valves are available for standard service, H2S – 300°F service (HNBR/HSN) and H2S – 400°F service (Viton.)


Interchangeable with Baker/Forum®


Xylan® coating reduces corrosion and erosion


Investment cast flappers, case hardened for wear resistance

Drillmax DP Float Valves

We have an extensive range of DP float valves in various sizes. View our blue float valve sizes and models below. We also offer various baffle plates too!

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Model F, FA, FBP, & FBPA sizes

1R, 1F2R, 2F3R, 3F, 3½ IF, 4R, 4F, 5R, 5F6R, and 6F

Model G, GA, GC, GCA and GS sizes

1F2R, 2F3R, 3F, 3½ IF, 4R, 4F, 4F GS*, 5R and 5F6R

*GS comes in size 4F short. Contact Drillmax for other sizes.

Drillmax DP Float Valves Frequently Asked Questions

Where is a drill pipe float valve used?

Drill pipe float valves are used in a length of drillpipe, drill rod, and other tubular products called the drillstring. This string of underground tools and pipes is used in drilling for oil, gas, and water, and in boring under-road and under-river crossings, for utility construction. Drill pipe float valves do not have threaded connections so they can not be screwed together like other downhole pipes and tools.

The float valve fits inside the drill string and a bore is machined for the valve in one of the drillstrings threaded connections. Where the pipes/tools are joined together (called a tool joint) the float valve fits snuggly in place, making sure the flow in the drillstring goes only one direction (downward or away from the drilling rig).

The float valve can be used anywhere from top to bottom of the drillstring. It’s most common location is in the BHA (bottom hole assembly) which includes the bit, and can include a bit sub, near bit stabilizer, other stabilizers, float sub, cross-over sub, mud motor (top sub), drill collar, and the drillpipe. Multiple float valves can be used in one string, although double stacking is not recommended because of possible damage to the float valve in high pressure situations. Instead, separate the valves in different tool joints.

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