Drillmax® Shear Relief Valves

(Demco Style)

Drillmax® Shear Relief Valves

Drillmax Shear Relief valves are known for their dependability and effectiveness and are usually installed on the discharge end of the mud pump. When pressure exceeds the preset limit, the pin is sheared allowing the excess pressure to escape and be re-directed, preventing costly repairs. Different pin diameters are used to set the desired shear pressure. Once the problem is corrected, a new pin can be inserted to reactivate the valve.

  • Available in 2 inch and 3 inch connection sizes
  • Shear relief valves are available for maximum shear pressures of 1000, 2750, 5000 and 7500 PSI
  • Helps prevent costly repairs due to over-pressure events
  • Shear pins are color coded to help select correct shear pressure.
  • Threaded and 1502 Union connections

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We also offer 10K Repair Kits.

Shear Relief Valve parts and repair kits

Drillmax stocks repair kits and parts ready to ship to your site when needed.