OEM Equivalent DM Float Valves

Many oil and gas operations rely on OEM equivalent DM gate valves and the many other products offered by our team at Drillmax, Inc. We provide an extensive inventory of generic gate, relief and blue float valves in addition to other important components used in drilling operations.

Drillmax is a superior alternative to OEMs, and for a number of reasons.

  • Lower cost: Our OEM equivalent Shear relief valves are always going to be more affordable than the OEM itself. Where many people are mistaken is that this fact does not mean they are inferior in quality. In fact, each product that we offer is OEM-compliant and just as effective.


  • Better support service: When you work with Drillmax for OEM equivalent Baker float valves and other gate or relief valves, you are getting the collective knowledge and expertise of the Drillmax team. This includes helpful engineers and sales reps that can provide you with products to enhance your operation.
  • Superior selection: We have OEM equivalent DM gate valves, OEM equivalent Shear relief valves and a wide range of other important products and components all under the Drillmax banner. With our team, you have access to an extensive selection of products that are pertinent to your operation.

Drillmax specializes in working with members of the oil and gas industry. These are businesses that have relied on our products and components since we opened for business in 1996. In fact, our gate, relief and float valves can be found out in the field and on rigs all across the world.

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DM style Mud Gate Valve repair kits and parts

Drillmax stocks repair kits and parts ready to ship to your site when needed. Mud gate valve kit available options include; seal kits 4 pieces; minor kits 3 pieces; major kits 6 pieces; and major kits with stem 7 pieces.

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Whether you are looking for OEM equivalent DM gate valves, relief valves or blue float valves, Drillmax promises to provide you with superior products and customer service that goes the extra mile to make sure we meet your business goals. Talk to our team right now.

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