Drill Pipe Float Valve Manufacturing

Drillmax is a premier after market manufacturer of blue floating, relief and gate valves for drilling operations — boasting a wide inventory that includes drill pipe blue float valves size 1R and many others.

These are expertly engineered and manufactured components that are used to preserve the physical integrity of equipment and promote safety for drilling personnel. These blue float valves are constructed of materials that will remain unaffected by extreme pressure, heat, corrosion or corrosive materials.

With Drillmax, clients are able to receive superior products at a price point that offers significant cost savings when compared to OEMs.

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Explore our long list of float valve sizes

Drillmax offers an extensive selection of blue float valves. Below are the various sizes — and a member of our team can provide you with the literature that highlights all the various features and specifics for each: 

  • Drill pipe float valves size 1R
  • Drill pipe float valves size 1F2R
  • Drill pipe float valves size 2F3R
  • Drill pipe float valves size 3F
  • Drill pipe float valves size 3-1/2IF
  • Drill pipe float valves size 3.5IF
  • Drill pipe float valves size 4R
  • Drill pipe float valves size 5R
  • Drill pipe float valves size 5F6R

Drillmax has a certain commitment to client service and to working hard to meet the business goals of everyone we work with. We apply the collective knowledge of our staff to find ways to bring efficiency, safety and productivity to your drilling operation.

Model F and FA sizes

IR, IF-2R, 2F-3R, 3F, 3-1/2 IF, 4R, 4F, 5R, 5F-6R, and 6F

Model G, GA, GC, GCA and GS sizes

IF-2R, 2F-3R, 3F, 3-1/2 IF, 4R, 4F, 4F-GS, 5R and 5F-6R

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Excellence in float valve manufacturing since 1996

Since we opened our doors for business back in 1996, we have prided ourselves on producing blue float valves, gate and relief valves — in addition to a wide range of other components — that are utilized in drilling operations all across the world. We continue to stay current with the changing technology of drilling operations so we can continue to offer cutting-edge, quality products.

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