5000 PSI WP Gate Valve

Drillmax, Inc. is proud to offer a wide range of float, gate and relief valves, specializing in our 5000 PSI WP gate valve. With our high-quality gate valves, the user is able to accommodate high pressure while minimizing downtime of their application.

These reliable gate valves allow users to make inline repairs quick and effective by closing off flow immediately. Our 5000 PSI WP gate valve selection is built for high temperatures and H2S service, holding up to even the most rigorous demands of your application.

Our float, gate and relief valves are utilized in a wide range of industries. Drillmax, Inc. proudly serves as one of the foremost providers of these components for the oil and gas industry.

Covering your repair needs

Drillmax is a leader in customer service, providing repair work when needed. However, we carry an extensive line of repair kits to help your drilling process move along smoothly by making the necessary fixes when needed.

  • Relief valves: We carry both Cameron style relief valve major repair kits and Demco style relief valve major repair kits. These products are important in preserving your equipment and not allowing it to succumb to the damage levied by over-pressurization.
  • Gate valves: Our Demco style gate valve minor repair kits and Cameron style gate valve minor repair kits allow you to ensure that your valves are operating the way that they should, providing your crews with the chance to make in-line repairs quickly and efficiently.

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DM style Mud Gate Valve repair kits and parts

Drillmax stocks repair kits and parts ready to ship to your site when needed. Mud gate valve kit available options include; seal kits 4 pieces; minor kits 3 pieces; major kits 6 pieces; and major kits with stem 7 pieces.

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Whether you are looking for Cameron style relief valve major repair kits or are shopping for components for your specific application, we invite you to talk to our team for more information and for a free quote.

See why Drillmax, Inc. has become a leader in 5000 PSI WP gate valve manufacturing, in addition to the wide range of other drilling components that we offer.

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