Sweco Swaco Harrisburg Polyurethane Cones

Customize the solids control system in your application with SWECO style cones, mud guns, and other components manufactured by Drillmax, Inc. Since 1996, we have served the oil and gas industry, among clients that rely on our after-market products for other applications.

Drillmax offers SWECO style mud guns and other components that effectively treat and maintain drill mud, separating solids from the drill liquid. These Harrisburg style polyurethane cones and other components allow you to build a solids control system that effectively:

  • Screens
  • Sizes
  • Sifts
  • Separates

Drillmax provides a wide range of DEMCO style polyurethane cones and other components to provide superior selection for the clients that we work with. With Drillmax, you are able to get products that meet the design needs of your unique solids control system — this maximizes productivity.

About our SWECO style cones

Users can expect our SWECO style mud guns and cones to be manufactured with precision and a certain level of toughness and durability. These are products that will hold up to the needs of your application — and do so incredibly effectively in the process.

Drillmax specializes in producing components for your solid control system that are resistant to wear and corrosion. This means that you can trust our products will last long, thus, creating even more value for your investment.

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