Forum Baker Style Plunger Valves

Welcome to a leader in Baker style and Forum style drilling float valves. We are Drillmax, Inc., and we are one of the industry leaders when it comes to float, gate and pressure relief valves, among a variety of other components that are utilized in oil and gas applications.

We invite you to discover our wide range of quality manufactured float valves, which are some of the most reliable and affordable components on the market. These Baker style drilling flapper valves and similar components ensure the safety of your workforce and the integrity of your equipment.

Our Baker and Forum style drilling float valves include:

  • Flapper type: In these Forum style drilling flapper valves, a quick-opening cast flapper is utilized to allow full flow of liquids through the valve.
  • Plunger type: Forum style plunger valves offer the utility of instant shut-off thanks to their fine engineering and manufacturing. Our plunger type valves offer economy and durability.

A member of our team can highlight the many Baker style drilling float valve models that we offer.

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Since 1996, Drillmax, Inc. has been dedicated to serving our clients in the best way possible. We want to enhance their processes and applications through the benefits that come with superior components and also the cost savings that come with working with Drillmax, a leading aftermarket manufacturer of such valves.

Talk to our experienced staff about your Baker style drilling flapper valves and other products that we offer. We have answers for your questions and concerns.

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Drillmax DP Float Valves

We have an extensive range of DP float valves in various sizes

Model F and FA sizes

IR, IF-2R, 2F-3R, 3F, 3-1/2 IF, 4R, 4F, 5R, 5F-6R, and 6F

Model G, GA, GC, GCA and GS sizes

IF-2R, 2F-3R, 3F, 3-1/2 IF, 4R, 4F, 4F-GS, 5R and 5F-6R

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