Demco DM Style Relief Valves

Bring efficiency to your drilling application with DEMCO style mud gate valves and other important valves and components. Drillmax, Inc. is a leader in after market manufacturing of generic valves, gauges, cones for desanders/desilters and more.

We provide a wide selection of Shear pin relief valves and gate valves that are of the highest quality, OEM-compliant and come at an economical price point.

Bring safety to your operation with pop off pressure relief valves

Nothing is more important to a drilling application than the safety and wellbeing of personnel. High pressure relief valves are one of the primary components that ensure that safety for these men and women. That’s why it’s important to only trust a reliable after marketing manufacturer for these important components.

Make efficient in-line repairs with DEMCO style mud gate valves

Much of the efficiency of your drilling operation hinges on the ability to make quick in-line repairs. With our high-quality mud gate valves, users are able to instantly shut off flow so that personnel can administer the needed repairs and maintenance. This ensures that your process continues moving along without any major disruptions.

Meeting the demands of today’s drilling operations

Drillmax, Inc. has been in the business since we opened our doors in 1996. We have walked in step with the evolving technology associated with drilling operations. We use this knowledge and experience to provide our clients with, not just high quality Shear pin relief valves and other components, but with the knowledge and insight needed to enhance their application.

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Shear Relief Valve Parts and Repair Kits

Drillmax stocks repair kits and parts ready to ship to your site when needed.

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