We manufacture oil well valves & parts for OEMs such as Baker, Demco, Sweco, Tri-Flo, Brandt, and more.

Totco Ring Spider Baffle Parts

Drillmax is a leading provider of important OEM-compliant replacement parts for drilling operations, including Totco ring replacement parts and more.

By working with Drillmax as your trusted aftermarket manufacturer of relief, gate and float valves, in addition to a wide variety of other components and parts, you gain the luxury of a wide selection. This is not something that OEMs will provide.

Plus, whether you are looking for Spider baffle plates and drilling parts, or DTH float valves replacement parts, you can find what you’re looking for all with one, trusted provider.

A commitment to quality products

Since 1996, we have dedicated our resources to not just providing our clients with the very best products, but also backing up those products with great customer service and an overall positive experience.

We take pride in providing some of the longest lasting, effective components that are currently in use throughout the world within the oil and gas industry. Our Totco ring replacement parts and many other products are created from materials that are resistant to corrosion and will absorb the punishment that comes with your application.

This includes things like extreme temperatures, heavy friction, high pressures, corrosive materials and more.

Enhance your drilling operation with Drillmax

We work closely with our clients to meet their business needs. This often comes in the form of bringing more efficiency and effectiveness to their drilling operations. With our Spider baffle plates and drilling parts and other components, we are able to enhance safety, efficiency, downtime and more.

Consult with Drillmax

We invite you to tap into the collective knowledge of our team. Whether you are shopping for Totco ring replacement parts or simply want to know more about our product line, our team of engineers and sales reps would be happy to sit down with you to chat.

Our products are the best,

don't settle for less, insist on Drillmax.