We manufacture oil well valves & parts for OEMs such as Baker, Demco, Sweco, Tri-Flo, Brandt, and more.

Drilling Valve Gate Parts Kit

Drillmax, Inc. offers drilling valve stem packing parts that can be utilized in high-temperature and high-pressure applications to prevent costly leaks that can compromise the efficiency of your application and the safety of workers or the environment.

In fact, since 1996, Drillmax, Inc. has been a leader in offering important maintenance and repair parts for gate, pressure relief and float valves. Having these quality-made parts ensures that you can make necessary fixes efficiently in order to keep your process moving along smoothly.

We have drilling gate valve body parts and a valve stem seal bonnet kit that prove to be important in maintaining these important components within your application. We work extensively with the oil and gas industry, but also have products that meet the needs of other applications, as well.

We can pair you with products that meet the needs of your application

Our team is both knowledgeable and experienced, serving as a valuable asset for the clients that we work with. Our wide range of drilling valve stem packing parts ensures that we have products that will meet the exact needs of even unconventional applications.

Start by discussing your needs for valve stem packing parts, drilling gate valve body parts and other components with our staff. We will analyze the needs of your application and match you with products that will enhance it.

Working to meet the business goals of our clients

Drillmax is dedicated to the success of the companies and professionals we work with. We offer high-quality products and a respectable price point. We want to know about the goals you have for your application and then explore the products that will get you there.

Start by discussing our drilling valve stem packing parts and wide range of other products with our team. We can address any questions you might have an offer our industry-insight to help you along.

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