We manufacture oil well valves & parts for OEMs such as Baker, Demco, Sweco, Tri-Flo, Brandt, and more.

Drill Pipe Baker Style Float Valves

Welcome to Drillmax, where we manufacture a wide range of drill pipe float valves and repair kits that perform admirably in all different types of drilling scenarios and conditions.

These are components that have been masterfully engineered and manufactured, using the highest-quality, durable materials that hold up to the rigors of essentially any drilling application. All of our products, from our many valves to our Baker style float valve rubber repair kits are long lasting, durable and easy to install.

Our products provide protection from blowouts and flow back to keep your application moving along efficiently. When it comes to our drill pipe float valves, we offer our Model F plunger type valve with integral baffle plate and Model G full flow flapper type along with variations of these primary types.

In addition, we provide a wide range of repair kits, including:

  • Baker style float valve rubber repair kits
  • Forum style float valve metal repair kits
  • Drill pipe float valve rubber repair kits
  • Baker style float valve metal repair kits
  • Forum style float valve rubber repair kits

We invite you to talk to us about your drilling application and what type of valve you are in the market for. As an after market manufacturer of these important drilling components, we dont just offer a superior selection and price point, but we accompany our products with reliable service so that you can have the peace of mind knowing your purchase can be seamlessly integrated into your drilling application thanks to our experienced, helpful staff.

Talk to us more about our extensive selection of drill pipe float valves and other important drilling components. You can submit a request for a free quote on your order. See for yourself why Drillmax, Inc. has quickly become one of the premier names in products for the drilling industry.

Our products are the best,

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