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Downhole Check Plunger Type Valve

In drilling operations, having accurate, real-time data and control from the surface is important, and a downhole check valve is a key component in that control. With a plunger type flapper valve, or other type of downhole valve, you are able to protect your equipment and personnel from harm and destruction in the event of a surface disaster.

Drillmax, Inc. has a plunger type and ported flapper valve selection that meets the needs a wide variety of applications. We specialize in working with the oil and gas industry, offering products that the meet the needs of even the most modern drilling techniques and operations.

About our downhole check valve selection

When you work with Drillmax, Inc. as your aftermarket manufacturer for these important components, you are getting products that are:

  • Varied: We have a wide selection of valves — from plunger type flapper valve to a non-ported flapper valve. We invite you to consult with our team and walk through the many different models we offer.
  • Long-lasting: Each of the valves that we manufacture are created by materials that are resistant to corrosion, high-pressure and other elements that come with your application. This means our products last the test of time and prove effective with your drilling operation.
  • Affordable: Working with OEMs can be very expensive. Drillmax, Inc. has seamlessly blended quality with affordability. You simply won’t find a better value for your investment with the OEMs.

Talk to our team about your drilling operation. Our engineers and sales reps are some of our best resources. They have a knowledge and experience needed to pair you with solutions that will enhance your operation.

Explore our downhole check valve selection and other products. Contact Drillmax, Inc. about your needs.

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